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TMF established offices focused on Global Sourcing nearly 5 years ago.  These were established to help our customers take advantage of the lower cost products available throughout all of Asia.  We employ Sourcing, Quality, and Engineering personnel to source products that our operations do not currently manufacture.  Our team finds the sources capable of making your product and allows them to quote the products.  We then, based on the competitivenss of the operation, audit the supplier to make sure they are capable of consistently making the product to the required quality levels.  Once a decision is made as to who the supplier will be we verify the quality as the product is manufactured.  Our last step is to perform a final audit of the product PRIOR to it being loaded on a container bound for the US.  This process, not only alows for the best priced product, but the best quality as well.

TMF offices located in China are dedicated to sourcing products throughout Asia.  We have Quality and Sourcing people on staff who choose sources to manufacture products that our facilities do not currently make.  The sources are chosen based on Quality, Pricing, and overall ability to manufacture the product our customer needs.  Our people then follow the product through the process at the supplier to ensure the product will meet all specifications.  Lastly we go back in when the product is ready for shipment and perform a final audit to double check everything that has been done. 

Unlike other sourcing companies, we have a presence and facilities in the US.  We can offer payment in US dollars, along with storage and distribution capabilities.  This strategy offers our customers infinite possibilities to save money, time, and storage space.  Everyone who has sourced product in China, Vietnam, India, and other Asian regions has experienced the difficulties of dealing with a different culture and has probably had some very bad experiences.  Our team has been sourcing products in these regions for years and offer a presence on site to ensure products are made with the necessary quality on time.

Give us a chance, you will be quite happy with what we can offer your operation!!


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