Exceeding Customer Expectations

TMF Plastics is a global manufacturing company specializing in: 

  • Injection Molding
  • Grade A Tool Building
  • Custom Stainless Steel Applications
  • Assembly and Packaging
  • Sourcing

At TMF, we are passionate about our work and share our enthusiasm with each of our customers.  We want to develop a lasting relationship with your company by finding superior solutions to your manufacturing needs.  We use high-quality equipment to ensure that all of our processes produce first-class results for our customers.

We work with some of the nations largest companies in the consumer products industry! We are committed to quality service, delivery and competitive prices.

Our Corporate Philosophy:

Innovative Solutions
TMF offers strategic, value-driven solutions which provide a competitive advantage to our clients. We also provide innovative thinking for creative problem solving of complex technical issues.

Pursuit of Rationality
TMF brings a rational approach to providing services that satisfy customers in search of quality, performance, price and after-sales service. Customer interests will be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Respect for Humanity
TMF values and respects relations between people. We aim to build a better environment through direct relations with customers, employees and suppliers. TMF especially believes relationships with customers must be mutual, proactive and empathetic.

Worldwide Reach and Availability
We are a worldwide operation headquarted in Plano, Illinois with manufacturing facilities in Plano, IL, Grants Pass, OR, Bradenton, FL and Dongguan, China.

Quality Policy

TMF Plastic Solutions is committed to being a leader in the manufacture of plastic and steel products and assemblies.  We are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations in all facets of our business relationship.

Quality will not be limited to just products we manufacture, but must be integrated into every task that is performed by each individual in our organization.

TMF will follow the requirements of ISO9001 standards in establishing its quality systems and will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of its business.


Our vision includes expanding our company into new markets by becoming a low-cost, high-value provider of quality products.  As a global company, we aim to reduce time-to-market relative to the competition. Through the use of key business markers, we work to reach 100% quality and 100% on-time delivery to develop satisfied customers with which we can grow.


President: Greg Kuppler

Vice President: Tim Raymond

Greg Kuppler and Tim Raymond realized decades ago that they both had a strong business sense and true talents in the injection molding world that  could be paired together to make some of their dreams come true.  The two became business partners in 1998 and opened up TMF in 2000.  With over 60 years of combined injection molding background and similar time in management/ownership positions, it has given TMF a lasting foundation to build upon for years to come.  To this day, both men continue to work hard in order to live a fruitful life alongside their family and hope to continue the company’s growth in order to provide opportunities for their employees and local communities.

Why we are better than our competition

TMF’s worldwide presence has made us a force to be reckoned with since the company began in 1999.  Even though our domestic locations are very similar in operations and resources, the intangibles of a very diverse workforce give us the opportunity to work as a united team to overcome any obstacles our customers may present us with.

TMF’s growth brings additional cost saving opportunities for our customers as we can leverage our packaging, resin, component suppliers by buying in bulk and being able to warehouse additional safety stock.

Since TMF has been able to form a closed loop of concept to production mentality, we are able to manage, hands on, the entire project from start to finish and not have to pass it off to outsourced engineers or tool builders.  TMF is a one stop shop for all of your molding and sourcing needs.  Come to us with a concept and we will find a solution that fits your needs