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Dongguan China

Project Description

As TMF has grown over the years, the company focus remains the same; providing our customers with not only the best quality products, but also deliver it at the best price.  One way TMF has been able to remain competitive in all markets was by expanding its operations to Dongguan China in 2002.  This has given TMF the opportunity to leverage additional resources in China and to provide premium tools at a fraction of the cost of TMF’s domestic competition.  Less expensive tool costs for customers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete skill set and resources TMF provides with their China operation.  With over 25 engineers, full quality and sourcing team, TMF can overcome any challenge you can bring to the table.  In the cost conscience world we live in, TMF understands that having resources in different parts of the world is integral in making their customers become as profitable as possible by passing on any cost savings opportunities that are found within their network.


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Current Capacity