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You have a project that requires plastic parts. You did your homework and found a reputable company to help you determine the best solution to designing and producing your part. Please provide some additional information regarding the part or project you would like quoted.  Below are a few main items that will be needed to provide you with the most accurate affordable quote right off the bat.  Our team may need to contact you for more information depending on the exact application.


  1. What would you like quoted?

Is there design/engineering work that needs to be provided before getting started with piece price and tool quotes? No worries, send in all of the below information that you currently have and TMF will provide an NRE quote for the work you need. Do you need a piece price, tool quote or packaging quote? Please specify exactly what you are looking for.

  1. CAD drawing or 3D model

If you have a 2D and 3D model of your part or project, please submit it with your request. Sample parts are always helpful as well; please make not in your request if you have sample parts available and one of our team members will contact you in order to get the part sent through the proper channels.

  1. How the part will be used

Knowing the application will help us make recommendations on the material to be used and perhaps even give you some design suggestions. Here are some questions that will help TMF provide you with an accurate quote:

  • Will the parts be used outside?
  • How much impact will they sustain?
  • Will there be excessive wear and tear on the parts?

All of these factors play into how a new tool may need to be constructed, as well as potential geometry changes in the part

  1. Material Type and Color

There are tens of thousands of different grades of material, which come with a wide range of prices.  If you do not know a specific grade of resin that you want/need, please provide more information as to what the performance specifications are for your product.

  1. How many parts you need

This number will affect the tool price, as well as piece price. The more parts you make, the less the parts will be. In order to provide an accurate quote, we will need to know how many parts you are expecting to sell in a given year, as well as how many parts you would prefer to purchase with each PO. There is a cost associated with loading and unloading tools into the press. This cost is amortized throughout the piece price for that run. If there are only 1,000 parts being produced with one order, that amortized cost will be more than it would if the order is for 5,000 pieces.

  1. A list of secondary operations, if any

Is there any special packaging that is needed? If this is not provided, TMF will offer suggestions on what the most cost effective way is to ship the parts and have them delivered with great quality. Will any painting, printing, inserts be needed?