Custom Stainless Steel Applications

While plastic tumblers and vessels have paved the way for everyday drinkware and storage, Stainless Steel vessels are becoming more and more prevalent in the market.


Stainless Steel drinkware has stared to sweep the nation in the last couple of years due to the vacuum sealed technology to keep your beverage warm or cold for much longer than a standard drinking vessel.  TMF now supplies custom stainless steel vessels to some of the largest drinkware companies in the US.  With our innovative custom designs, superior insulation properties and quality, we have become your go-to stainless steel and plastics supplier! 

TMF has the ability to provide you with a custom style, custom painted/printed vessel with a custom lid manufactured by your nearest TMF facility.  Contact TMF with your next stainless steel project so we can help you design exactly what you are looking for.

Our Stainless Steel product line currently includes:

  •  Waterbottles
  •  Standard drinking vessels/tumblers (Various sizes)
  •  Can coozies
  •  Wine glasses
  •  Rocks style glasses
  •  Standard coffee mugs
  •  Travel Coffee mugs
  •  Many more!

Custom features

  •  Custom vessel and lid design
  •  Laser etching for logo or slogan
  •  Paint
    • Standard
    • Powder Coat
    • Soft touch
    • Gradient color transitions
  •  Custom logo integration
  •  Custom embossing and engraving for lid or vessel