Engineering Support

Partner with TMF to gain the full value of an engineering driven manufacturing company to bring your ideas to a successful reality.

Take advantage of TMF’s domestic and international engineering staff for your next project.  Based off of customer specifications and requirements, TMF will work inside those boundaries to meet all expectations in a timely manner.  Engineering reviews will be put into place to make sure the design and structure will be sufficient for the customer, and also allow for a manufacturing friendly part that is sustainable for the life of the project.  Any potential issues found during the design and engineering process will be shared with our customers to ensure the risks with certain attributes are tackled head on and understood.

TMF’s multi-national engineering team has been built around our core values of delivering a specified product at a specified price by a specified time.  This motto is always followed and in order to provide the best quality of work in a timely manner, TMF leverages the fact that we can have our engineers working on projects 24 hours a day between our US and international engineering teams.  Quick reaction times during pre-production stages save a lot of headaches later on down the road.