Learn more about the TMF Plastics Group

  • Turn key solutions provider for design, manufacturing, assembly, and retail pack out
  • Family-owned business since 1999 turned employee-owned business in 2018
  • 100 injection molding machines ranging from 80-2,000 tons
  • 6 Manufacturing and warehousing locations worldwide

With TMF’s ever-expanding footprint and continuous integration of the latest automation, it provides customers the most cost-effective solution to get from concept to mass production. Companies have options when it comes to finding an injection molder, but TMF’s business model of being a total solutions provider is second to none. TMF’s top tier talent at the engineering and design level will assist in steering your team in the right direction at the front end of a project to save your company valuable time and resources.

Detailed DFM presentations are provided for all new products to ensure total confidence and understanding is achieved before building your Grade A tooling. TMF will keep all parties on task to meet project milestones for a smooth transition from tool build to production.

TMF’s foundation was built to align with its two founders, Greg Kuppler and Tim Raymond’s, strong moral beliefs and even stronger work ethic. The company’s name, TMF, is an acronym that stands for “Ten Mouths to Feed”, which gives you a really good idea of why the company was founded, to provide for each of their families, 10 members in total.

The family atmosphere of TMF has been apparent since its inception in 1999 and now, more than ever, is ingrained into the culture since the Company transitioned into a fully employee-owned company, ESOP.

Instill your trust with the TMF team and you will understand why the average tenure of TMF’s upper management is double the manufacturing industry average.