TMF Design, Development and Launch Process

TMF has the resources to assist in the conceptual and detailed design and development of your product. Leverage TMF Designers and Engineers to join New Product Development efforts with your own teams throughout the process, or if you do not have these skills in-house, TMF can provide the full service required to deliver on your projects.

  1. Concept Development
    • Explore solutions to a problem, conduct innovative ideation around existing or new product opportunities. Present sketch drawings and sketch models to show ideas and allow further brainstorming.
  2. Detailed Design
    • Bring definition around ideas and formulate specific product solutions. Full-color renderings can assist in the presentation of the ideas, with feature call-outs and thought to materials and basic assembly. An ID Control document will be created to capture the Design with key colors, materials, and finishes.
  3. Engineering
    • Focused Detailed Engineering of chosen product/part continues through full 3D CAD development. DFM/DFA assessments of the engineered design are conducted to refine the solution.
  4. Prototyping
    • Support design with Prototype Creation, Evaluation, and Testing. TMF has in-house Plastic 3D FDM Printing capability as well as the latest Metal 3D Printing process, using Stainless Steel or H13 tool steel filaments. CNC machining is still a good option for some applications.
  5. Tool Design & Manufacture
    • Initial Tool Design Evaluation and Mold Flow Analysis support a pre-emptive look at how the molding process should perform. In-house Tool Designers will prepare all necessary information for customer approval and tool build to progress.
  6. Production Release
    • Starting with Tool sampling from First-shot to ‘T’- Final, TMF Molds are sampled and tested with QA presenting all necessary Dimensional, FAI and PPAP evaluations required to gain Customer Approval. With the Tool released from Pre-Production, Full Production launch will commence.